11-26-13 The Beginning

Back when the Quotidian Hudson was just a gleam in my eye, I journeyed to the river to see if the idea had any merit. One morning in early November, 2010, I took this shot at around 7:05 AM.

Before the before3

I was just starting to learn Lightroom and spent a significant amount of time playing with the image but never got it to a place that satisfied me. My instructor pointed out that sometimes there are shots that we just couldn’t or didn’t get. True enough. And told me nothing could really make it work.

Over the years I have come back and picked at it when I was frustrated or upset. I’ve played in LR and PS, gone bxw, used filters, layered it and masked it etc. Finally I just threw away everything I had done and let it lie.

Today I pulled it back out and started to work on it in LR and, horrors, cropped it. I am not finished with it yet but think I may finally be heading in the right direction. We shall see.

Before the before0396


5-23-13 A Chance Request

“I am trying to be unfamiliar with what I’m doing.”

John Cage

In the past week or so I received a number of lovely comments off-line about the Quotidian Hudson. In the course of etalking with these folks I received three requests. One person commented that I had not shown any river art in a good while. The second said that they missed my fogs (I think they meant pictures and not my mind but…). The third asked if I would shoot more water. Wednesday, chance brought these requests together in such a way that I believe I was able to accommodate them all and chance threw in another little treat.

Boro Walk

Boro Walk

Boro Walk

Boro Walk

Boro Walk

Boro Walk

Boro Walk

6-25-12 The River The Sky The Art

Spring returned with a vengeance today. Windy, wet, and lukewarm. Seemed a good day to go river walking. Great sky, great new river art (about 20 new pieces) and the river, as always, was its disreputably majestic self.

Not often you see both eyes…

Today’s shot brought to you by Hallmark

Facing east


5-3-12 I Dream Of Columbus

Columbus Avenue that is.  I needed to pick up some paperwork and as the location was only 2 miles away and it had stopped raining, was almost 60 degrees (Happy May) and was lunch hour, I decided to walk. Rather than taking the fast route down Broadway I walked over to Columbus Avenue and went that way. Lots of great pictures between 110th and 100th Street, very little after that.

This gentleman greeted me as I walked by a bar near 106th Street

As I got to 103rd Street I received a hard to resist opportunity…

If you read the small print under the five hair pictures on the door you will see that they now provide Malaysian and Brazilian hair.

On 86th Street the bane of Manhattan car owners.

I decided to walk back uptown on Amsterdam Avenue.




Since I publish this on May 4th, today is the anniversary of one of the truly disgraceful incidents in my government’s behavior in my lifetime.  Part 2 is on May 15th.

Tin soldiers and Nixon coming,
We’re finally on our own.
This summer I hear the drumming,
Four dead in Ohio.

Neil Young

4-20-12 Return Of The Kayaker

Yesterday I posted a picture from 4/19/11 of a kayaker headed upriver.

Well, I was at the river today and I am pleased to report that she is finally headed home.  I caught her going downriver at 8:33am. A long paddle…

Actually, I haven’t seen her this year because I am at the river less and usually in the evening and not the morning. Last year I saw her at least 10 times in the course of the year. The first time was in mid February and the last was in November.

I also collaborated on my first piece of river sculpture.  I think it blew over and I reconstructed it as well as I could. It is not one of the complex ones but I thought not bad for a first attempt.

12-30-11 What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been

I stand by the river and I know that it has been here yesterday and will be here tomorrow and that therefore, since I am part of its pattern today, I also belong to all its yesterdays and will be a part of all its tomorrows. This is a kind of earthly immortality, a kinship with rivers and hills and rocks, with all things and all creatures that have ever lived or ever will live or have their being on the earth. It is my assurance of an orderly continuity in the great design of the universe. — Virginia Eifert

Nature laughs at human design

Those of you who have been kind enough to follow the Quotidian Hudson through the year are aware that there is one shot I have returned to over and over throughout 2011, never managing to capture what I see in my mind.  (It’s not the vision I had). As my year of blogging ends I had to go back and try again. (No matter, try again, fail again, fail better).  I did not capture what I see but did, as has frequently happened, come up with a shot that pleased me a bit.  I am showing two versions of it. One straight from the camera and one manipulated in Lightroom. I would love your thoughts as to which you prefer and whether this is even a good shot.

Self-Portrait 1

Self Portrait 2

I hope everyone has a glorious New Year’s Eve.

As to the headline on the post? What can I say, I am an American of a certain age…(lyric by garcia, hunter, lesh, weir)

8-21-11 We Now Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Blog

I have been visiting the Hudson almost daily since November of last year.  The majority of my visits are in Manhattan and the majority of those are between 125th Street and 97th Street.  In that time I have seen a remarkable variety of driftwood sculptures come and go in that mile and a half.

Not once have I seen the artist at work. On the one hand there is nothing strange about that..there are 24 hours in a day and I am not on the river more than 3 hours a day and usually closer to 2.  On the other hand so far we have had 233 days in 2011 and if I add in the 61 from November and December of 2010 that is 294 days that I have been on this project without once seeing the artist!



This is why I don’t play the lottery.

Born Under A Bad Sign – Albert King Live

5-7-11 Spring Fair

We had a lovely dusk this evening.  I was pleased to catch it as I spent the previous 9 hours of a beautiful spring day, in a room with no windows counting money and making change.

It was worth it though. I am Treasurer of the PA at Abigail’s school and someone has to do it.  I don’t have all the receipts and expenses yet but in the end we will have raised somewhere north of 10K. I think – don’t quote me! – so all in all a good day.

3-29-11 #2 Art of the River

So we came back to NYC today. Arrived late evening (11ish) and since we had been in Mexico we ordered rice and beans and chicken delivered.

On the plane I thought a lot about the “folk” art people make on the Hudson. It is there for a day or three and then time, tides or other people destroy it. Here are a few examples. Remember – if you click on the picture you get a full sized version.