15-06-27 Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

“The Muse visits during the process of creation, not before. Don’t wait for her. Start alone.”

Roger Ebert

Too many variants on a theme to even get started. Muse. A random chance selection (thank you John Cage).


Other muse views for youse. Including how to name a band!











11-28-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Converging (Trio)

“To photograph is to hold one’s breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. It’s at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Converge.

A sunset trio of convergences from Riverbank State Park:



RSJohnson_Hudson_1411287584Other convergences:











9-29-13 Weekly Photo Challenge – Saturated (What the heck are those Daddy?, edition)

The Weekly Challenge is Saturated.

The Hudson River Greenway bike path which, oddly, runs along The Hudson has to take a detour from 135th Street to 145th Street because of the giant sewage treatment plant that Riverbank State Park is built on. While wandering down the path this summer I came upon a graveyard of outdated, nay ancient technology.

I stopped to admire it and take some shots.

As I shot many people were going by and paying no attention.

Then an eight or nine-year old girl and her dad walked by.

She stopped dead in her tracks.

“What the heck are those Daddy?”

Boro Walk

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Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 In Pictures

“And the moral of the story is that you don’t remember what happened. What you remember becomes what happened.”
John Green


I started working on this to close out the year when what to my wondering eyes did appear but this weeks photo challenge – My 2012 In Pictures.

Many folks, and newspapers and magazines (how old school) and internet postings do this so I wasn’t being particularly imaginative or “out of the box” (please god may that expression die on 12/31/12) when I decided that would be the way I end this year.

The problem is that I have over 30,000 images from 2012. I will be posting a few of my favorites over the next four days. I am trying to not use shots that I put in the blog. We will see how that goes.

Entrance: Riverbank State Park

Entrance: Riverbank State Park

Uptown Subway - 110th Street

Uptown Subway – 110th Street

Times Square Subway Station

Times Square Subway Station

Sunset Over the Hudson - Saugerties Lighthouse

Sunset Over the Hudson – Saugerties Lighthouse





1-1-12 The Birds

Last night through this morning we celebrated the completely arbitrary change over of the year. – (In 1752 Great Britain adopted the Gregorian calendar and presto, goodbye March 25, Feast of the Annunciation, and hello, January 1, Feast of the Circumcision)

Today, I went out to shoot and found myself in Riverbank State Park looking over the Hudson.  Habits are hard things to break. While walking through the park I was privileged to see a reenactment of some early moments of “The Birds“.

Picture if you will, seagulls sitting peacefully on a fence, just hanging out.

Is that really all they are doing?

Time to move!

Picture a young couple seated on a bench enjoying their lunch when suddenly they are surrounded by a flock – (image too frightening for a G rated blog such as this.)  What should they do?


Notice how cleverly the gull leader and her lieutenant are separating the couple, driving them in different directions …

Quickly into the abandoned gym!

They hadn’t noticed the open window…

7-20-11 Yonkers – NYC/Fire/Sewage/Time Passing

Will there be any freight trains in heaven
Any boxcars in which we might hide
Will there be any tough cops or brakemen
Will they tell us that we cannot ride

Will the hobo chum with the rich man
Will we always have money to spare
Will they have respect for the hobo
In that land that lies hidden up there

While I was enjoying myself strolling along the waterfront in Yonkers, The sewage treatment plant below Riverbank State Park (which I have written about frequently – January 30 ) caught on fire and we are now dumping raw sewage into the river…

Fire and Sewage Dump

This song seems appropriate even if it is about Boston (my hometown) and not NYC (my town).

Dirty Water

A Trio from The Trio

I hate waiting – I actually do it well but I hate it…

6-4-11 – Play Time

I have absolutely no idea of what this is.  I can only believe that it is not a positive thing for the water of the Hudson River or the fish and birds who live on, above, and around it.

Went up to Riverbank State Park and North River Wastewater Treatment Plant – “processes 125 million gallons of wastewater every day during dry weather, and it is designed to handle up to 340 million gallons a day when the weather is wet.” –  They, the authorities, claim that the plant is odorless. We, the people of New York, know better. The wind was off the river yesterday and you could smell the plant as soon as you got close to Riverside Drive. It was not as bad as it can be but was not as good as it sometimes is.

North of the Park the barbeques were going big time. Every 10 or 20 yards you would find another family or group, coals flaming, meat cooking, birthday parties being set up. Between the Park and The Bridge I counted over 4o cookouts, from tiny 2 people events to the size of this one…

I really enjoy watching New Yorkers at play. Just to the right of this picture, across the bike path, a Hawaiian themed birthday party was being set up. On the field north of that several baseball teams (some adult league or other, we have a bunch) were running wind sprints and practicing ground balls. They looked very professional in their red and blue uniforms.  By the river lots of people in bikinis, speedos, and surfer shorts, sunbathing. Bikes and blades everywhere.