7-29-14 River Pool At Beacon – Guest Blog

I am turning the words over to Katherine today…

In 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2013 I participated in the Annual Great Newburgh To Beacon Hudson River Swim   across the Hudson to raise money for the Beacon River Pool. The Hudson is America’s “first” river and this swim demonstrates that we can clean up the Hudson for the benefit of all. It was an amazing experience – imagine finding yourself in a Hudson River School Painting. It’s ridiculously thrilling. ———————–


As many of you know, the pool is a creation of the community and Pete Seeger was one of the lead creators. It will be odd to swim this year, the 11th year of the swim, without him leading us all in a rousing version of This Land Is Your Land but that is why I feel that it is even more important that I swim this year. An important part of the community has moved on and we need to help keep the idea and the reality alive.

RSJohnson_Hudson_ 130727-84

As my friend Karen Frillman put it:

“Pete created paths for so many people to walk down. He loved life. He wanted everyone – and that meant anyone- to feel their humanity- to enjoy the pleasure of singing tunes together and better yet with harmony, to eat a home baked strawberry shortcake and in the case of the riverpool, to dip into his beloved Hudson on a hot day and have fun! I feel he reminded me how great it is to be part of something bigger than myself, to get involved, be conscious, don’t say it can’t be done but how can we do it? Pete, you were a great teacher. Thank you.”

So if you want to help out River Pool and continue to support healthy, clean, swimmable Rivers hit the Join Us button RIGHT HERE!. If you are uncomfortable with putting your information out on the net you can certainly send me a check for River Pool that I will bring to the swim. Or if you just want to come out and cheer on the swimmers, join us riverside in Newburgh August 2 around 11:30 for the gathering and 12:30 for splash time!! Thank you in advance and look for Robert’s pictures of the event sometime after August 3rd.

Boro Walk

12-2-12 A Different View

I am in love with the Hudson River. I lived near it for many years without really noticing it but over the past five years or so, it has become a larger and larger presence in my life.  So days like Sunday, with the fog and the duck,  can make me very happy.

It can also piss me off.  Sunday comes after Saturday. The Hudson is a working river, lots of commerce, lots of untreated raw sewage during heavy storms, long-term pollutants that are only slowly beginning to be cleaned up, flotsam and jetsam galore. It is a fact. Many people have worked and continue to work to clean it up, to make it a place we all can use.

So when I see crap like this…

12-2-12 Asshole behavior

I get angry. Really, how hard would this have been to clean up after your party?  I’ll tell you how hard. It took me about 30 seconds to collect the 4 balloons (2 not shown) and another 30 seconds to pop them and put them in my pack for disposal when I returned home.

Careless, unthinking behavior bothers me.  Do we really need more immortal plastics in our waterways?

6-8-12 Look Through My Window

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Gertrude Stein


From  AP

ALBANY, N.Y. — A new federal review of the PCB cleanup of the upper Hudson River provides more evidence that the dredging area should be expanded, environmental groups said Wednesday.

The Environmental Protection Agency this week released a review of the ongoing Superfund cleanup that called the dredging successful. General Electric Co., which released poly-chlorinated biphenyls into the river decades ago, is overseeing a third season of dredging north of Albany.

A coalition of environmentalists said Wednesday the EPA review also acknowledges that PCBs in one stretch of the river will be reduced about half as much as originally expected because some spots with high PCB levels are outside the dredging zone. The EPA said additional dredging would clean up the river faster, but it noted that other state and federal agencies have the authority to address the issue.

The environmental coalition argued that it makes more sense to do the work now.

“Decisions about how to address these higher levels of contamination need to be addressed now as part of this cleanup”, said attorney Lawrence Levine of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

The NRDC made the criticism along with Clearwater, Riverkeeper and Scenic Hudson.

3-25-12 Made It

The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land

G. K. Chesterton


From Riverkeeper

“A Clean Water Landmark for NYC

A landmark agreement announced March 13 between New York City and the state will lead to $2.4 billion in investments to reduce sewage pollution in the Hudson River, Newtown Creek, Gowanus Canal and other waterways. The agreement reflects years of Riverkeeper advocacy, in partnership with the SWIM coalition, to advance green infrastructure, preserve citizen rights to clean water law enforcement, and take significant strides toward achieving the Clean Water Act goals of making even our urban waterways safe for swimming and fishing.

8-11-11 – Shut It Down: Indian Point Demo

I went to a demonstration advocating the closing of the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant on Thursday, August 11th. Naturally it was small, about 150 people, but enthusiastic. I was very impressed with the speech given by Congressman Jerrold Nadler,

and the speech and performance by ex-Congressman John Hall.

Indian Point is a 40 year old nuclear power plant on the Hudson in the town of Buchanan, NY in Westchester County. It is up for re-licensing in 2013 (Unit 2) and 2015 (Unit 3).  The original specifications called for a 40 year life span. If re-licensed Units 2 and 3 would have been operational for 60 years by the end of the renewal period.  Unit 1 was permanently shut down in 1974 because its cooling system did not meet regulatory requirements.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has said that of all nuclear plants in the United States Unit 3 is the most at risk for core damage caused by an earthquake.  NBC New York

The name of this blog is The Quotidian Hudson so the following information is the most germane to the blog.

“The Indian Point nuclear power plant, located along the Hudson River 24 miles north of New York City, kills nearly a billion aquatic organisms a year according to New York State officials. Among them are shortnose sturgeon, an ancient fish that has plied Earth’s rivers for millions of years but is now at high risk of extinction. Indian Point’s two operating reactors together withdraw an astonishing volume of Hudson River water – some 2.5 billion gallons a day. That’s nearly two-and-a-half times the daily water use for all of New York City.” ( Source )

The Raging Grannies Sing!

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Several articles of possible interest:


Effect of Plant Closing on Air Quality

Interview with Klaus Jacob

8-11-11 – I’ll Walk

Riverkeeper – (Riverkeeper – How Is The Water) released its five-year study of the water quality in the Hudson Estuary (NY Harbor to Troy, NY) on Tuesday.  It does not make for very happy reading. There have certainly been significant improvements…but we have a long way to go.

This afternoon I participated in a “Shut Down Indian Point” rally. Pictures and facts over the weekend.

7-21-11 I ain’t superstitious…

“i slept walked into a field of black cats where i then tripped into a mirror factory, breaking all their product and as i continued on my journey stepped all over a cracked sidewalk and under a ladder.”

Abigail – 7/21/11

That about sums it up…

Hudson River – Riverkeeper Posting

Read on Facebook: “Why do NY women wear black? They can’t find a color darker.”

Many of the folk running by the river yesterday just couldn’t give up fashion. At the time I took these pictures, the temperature was 97 degrees and the “Real Feel” was 106…As you can tell the air quality was nothing to brag about…

Baryshnikov on Broadway with Liza Minnelli – \”Too darn hot\”

Today’s Caption Contest….

Under the Boardwalk

6-2-11 I Read the News Today, Oh Boy

April 7th Tappan Zee Bridge

I was not able to get to the river again today and I doubt that I will tomorrow which is sad for me but planned for and understandable.

The attached report, May 2011 Sampling Data Hudson River Water Quality Report  from Captain John Lipscomb and Riverkeeper was flat out depressing.

“The plumbing can’t handle the flow so the city has built (and NYS permits) about 480 Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) to release the overburden of sewage and rain during wet weather events into the River and Harbor – around 30 billion gallons a year.  Yes, billion, no typo.”

The tranquil picture below was taken 1/1/11 and is shot from above one of the run off pipes.  It looks pretty.

5-23-11 Synonyms

Tell EPA: Take a Stand Against Industry Pressure

I didn’t make it to the river today so I owe it one. The link above takes you to a petition by Riverkeeper directed at Lisa Jackson, Administrator of the EPA, that urges a new regulation changing the system that power plants can use to cool themselves down. The change in systems could prevent 95% of the “fish kill” the current system causes.

We are having a true deluge so I just googled synonyms for rain and the on-line Thesaurus has 30.   However, I have to say some are a stretch. In my world, flurries, hail, sleet, mist and condensation are not rain…

That leaves the following: “cat-and-dog weather, cloudburst,  deluge, drencher, drizzle, fall, flood, heavy dew, liquid sunshine, monsoon, pour, pouring, precip, precipitation, raindrops, rainfall, rainstorm, sheets, shower, showers,  spate, spit, sprinkle, sprinkling, stream, sun shower, torrent, volley, wet stuff, window washer”

I think, in the past 60 days we have had all of these several times.

We belong to a CSA. We just received notice that many of their early crops were destroyed in a thunderstorm that dropped three inches of rain and hail on the farm.  The farmers at Roxbury Farm know what they are doing and will plant to grow another day but it does seem as if weather patterns are changing and we better be able to adapt. This takes me back to the Riverkeeper petition.  It just seems unthinking to me to wantonly kill part of the food chain and a major food source when it could be prevented with relative ease.

I don’t think humans evolved as long-term planners but we seem to have lost the capacity to even occasionally look further ahead then the next quarter.