16-01-01 Early Morning New Year’s Day

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.” – T.S. Eliot

I truly do not understand quite why we fetishize the New Year the way we do but it is a tradition of very long standing among seemingly most human cultures, so there you are.

A few images from early this morning…RSJohnson_16010100422


and a final image from’15 looking over the Hudson from Morningside Heights…


Riverside Drive and the lazy Hudson beside it

Ephemeral New York has done it again. I had to reblog this given the subject matter. By virtue of living in Morningside Heights this is my home base on the river. I thought you might be interested in seeing its past.

Ephemeral New York

It looks like a pleasant spring or summer day on Riverside Drive and in the park beside it, based on this postcard stamped 1916.


We’re at 93rd Street. Grant’s Tomb can be seen over the treetops; open-topped automobiles and a double-decker bus share the road. Pedestrians linger on the sidewalks or on the teardrop-shaped green.

And in the distance, there’s no George Washington Bridge.

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8-29-12 Street Walking


Perhaps walking is best imagined as an “indicator species” to use an ecologist’s term.  An indicator species signifies the health of an ecosystem and its endangerment or diminishment can be an early warning sign of systemic trouble. Walking is an indicator species for various kinds of freedom and pleasures: free time, free space, and unhindered bodies.

Rebecca Solnit

Wanderlust: A history of Walking


12-4-11 Serendipity

Abigail had an appointment with the Orthopedist last week and since it was a follow-up visit and since I knew she was feeling better I had a chance to look around and this is what he has in the room. Unfortunately the doctor didn’t know who shoot this photograph. If anyone out there knows, let me know.

They broke ground for the bridge in October of 1927 and it opened on October 24, 1931 so I am guessing that this would be in mid to late 1928. I think that the one way street is Riverside Drive…people went north, how?