4-24-14 Truly Tired Thursday

It has been a long week already and fortunately I have Lightroom tutoring and shooting gigs booked for the next three days.  I went to Central Park with @BH_Event_Space and (check out her excellent work) Brenda Tharp today. Lots more photos and maybe some stories another time.




2-20-14 Happy Birthday Ansel Adams

Moonrise A very well-known image. Possibly Ansel Adam’s most famous.  Everyone knows what the final image looks like. Or do we? As the linked article from artnet.com demonstrates we do not.

It hasn’t snowed in New York for several days now. Although they are predicting a possible storm next week. Nonetheless I have not seen this harbinger of spring since 12/17/13 when I took this picture.


12-17-13 A Harbinger?

It snowed in the city this morning.


I have been rushing about and unable to get to the river or do much shooting for myself at all but mis-scheduled today so that I had an appointment at 7 AM and then a clear schedule until 1 PM after which I am booked until close to midnight. Should have taken a nap, but instead I went through Riverside Park down to the river.  I figured I would see how the 800 handled the weather (wonderfully) and I put on my fixed 50 so I could take some “in-scene” portraits of folks out in the weather.


Okay, that may not have worked out…

Here we are just 4 days away from Winter Solstice; actually 99 hours and 36 minutes when I took this shot;  and what do I see? A harbinger of spring, perhaps?

Snow 3a1312170028

6-1-12 NY Neighbors

“It is better to be a young June-bug than an old bird of paradise”

Mark Twain

By now, you are all pretty well aware, I think, that I love NY.  We are a very diverse community…

The Parking Jerk (Why use one space when two will do)

The Hairless Squirrel



Speed Demons above the river

3-16-12 – A Very Irish Short Story

“In a literature class in Dublin some years back, students were given an assignment to write a short story involving all the important literary ingredients — Nobility, Emotion, Sex, Religion and Mystery. The winner was:”My God!’ cried the Duchess. ‘I’m pregnant. Who did it?” – Unknown

Ah yes, it is the little things that make a difference is it not?