9-24-14 Wordless Wednesday – iPhoneography Edition




Shanah tovah

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life 9-16-12

So this week the weekly photo challenge is Everyday Life.

Ordinarily this post would have been titled No Drama Sunday # x but I have a challenge to meet.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I knew lots of people would be out living their everyday lives by the river particularly since all the kids have tomorrow off in honor of Rosh Hashanah. I was certainly not mistaken.

As I started through Riverside Park, Norman Rockwell was there to greet me.


Once I was down at the river though there was a more “Free To Be You and Me” vibe…

And as I left the river I ran into “The Original Harlem Slim” or so he bills himself. I think he may run into some dispute about that but there should be no dispute about his playing and singing. We chatted for a bit and I promised to send him a few prints once I have a moment to print. Good guy.


9-29-11 – Ritual

Rituals are important. Nowadays it’s hip not to be married. I’m not interested in being hip.

John Lennon

Rituals – we all have them. Some are ordained by religion or government, some we develop naturally within our lives.  The human mind seems to insist on ritual to help frame our existence, to sooth us with their repetitive nature, an anchor in our lives.

Why else do a million or so people freeze their rear ends off for hours: penned like sheep in little areas proscribed by police; with not a bathroom available; in Times Square to watch a ball slide down a pole as they chant, 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, then blow a horn or kiss for the New Year?  Why else do millions of other people in different time zones celebrate their own ritual and watch them on TV?

I saw a different kind of New Year’s ritual yesterday.


Tashlikh is part of the Rosh Hashanah observance.