5-31-14 Weekly Photo Travel Theme Challenge: Split-Second City Story (South Bronx Edition)

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Split-Second Story. Ailsa’s Travel Theme is Cities. This is my first go at the Travel Theme but the second go at the Split-Second Story (First is here.)

I assisted on an ICP Boro Walk in the South Bronx today.  There is always a surprise on the walks.  A split second decision lead here. I was extremely glad I brought the powerful flash…

Version 2 Here



Here are other stories and other cities…

















9/1/13 Travel Theme: Distance

Ailsa’s theme this week is distance.

Yesterday I combined it with the weekly photo challenge: sea.

The image I am using is from the same shoot as the one I used for the Travel theme: big.

H’mm getting a bit self-referential here, aren’t I…

Ah well. This view is from the summit of Mt Beacon at the end of the old incline railroad, looking over Beacon, the Hudson River, Newburgh and on deep into the Hudson Valley and finally to The Catskill Mountains.

Mount Beacon

As always a few other views…

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8-27-13 The Adirondack Iron Works (The Tahawus Tract)

A short way below Henderson Lake, you come to the ruins of the last blast furnace of the Adirondack Iron Works.  The company operated between 1827 and 1857 but was finally defeated by the remoteness of the location, the failure to complete a promised train line to the works, and the presence of titanium dioxide in the iron ore.

156 years later the blast furnace still stands.

Journey's End_Source of the Hudson

Journey's End_Source of the Hudson

Journey's End_Source of the Hudson

Journey's End_Source of the Hudson

Journey's End_Source of the Hudson

Journey's End_Source of the Hudson

Journey's End_Source of the Hudson

Journey's End_Source of the Hudson

5-10-13 Always Turn Around

I took a side trip to East Kingston today.  While I was walking down a trail by the river –

Hudson River

I turned around. Behind me on my left I saw this.

Hudson River

and behind me on my right, I saw this.

Hudson River

“`My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings:
Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!’
Nothing beside remains.”