10-16-12 Debates! Binders! Yankees!

‎”Most books on witchcraft will tell you that witches work naked. This is because most books on witchcraft are written by men.”
Good Omens “- Gaiman & Pratchett”

I don’t know why but that quote just seemed appropriate today…

Re: “Binders full of women” leaving aside the – oh shall we say awkwardness of the phrase – and the fact his statement is factually not true (Romney did not ask for the binders, they were prepared by a bipartisan group of woman called MassGAP  before the election to give to whoever won the gubernatorial contest… read more about it here) doesn’t that sound an awful lot like Affirmative Action, something the Romney/Ryan ticket is against…just wondering.

Anyway, I went to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) yesterday to hear a talk given by Martin Parr.  He is an extraordinarily prolific photographer and if you don’t know his work you should check it out. If you don’t like one project you may very well like the second, or third, or fortieth…

Leaving FIT to get to ICP I saw a new hotel on 27th Street. I do not know when it opened but it has gotten excellent reviews…

It was a very pleasant late afternoon walk up 6th Avenue…

Before Going to ICP I ducked into Bryant Park. The carousel is still open but there were no riders – at least not at 5:30.

Great minds do think alike…

“The ocean will take care of this on its own if it was left alone and left out there. It’s natural. It’s as natural as the ocean water is.” –Rush Limbaugh, on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, May 3, 2010

“If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” Rep Todd Akin


3-2-12 A Double Date Grab Bag (Friday River View)

So… (anyone else noticed that I am starting to write a lot of these as if I was a stand-up comic?)

All winter (using that term technically and not to describe the weather we actually have had), I have been sneezing and hacking. (Very pleasant, right?).

I went to the doctor who told me I had a sinus infection – gave me some antibiotics, – the modern doctor’s version of chicken soup – the over prescribing of which (not to mention our feeding it to all the meat crop and thus to the top of the food chain – yup that’s us!) will get us in trouble very soon. The pills stopped things for a week or so.  But soon…sneeze, hack, sneeze, hack.  Went to a different doctor who suggested I had allergies and got me tested.

Indeed I do!

Dust mites (I thought everyone was allergic to them) – not much to do about that.

Box Elder Trees – Very popular tree in the Northeast and South – especially loves lowlands and river banks (This could be problematic…)

CATS! – Dios mio! I have lived with cats since I was 18. I am not stopping now (not to mention Abigail would kill me if we got rid of the beasty)

After that I had to hit the park and river (damned if you do…damned if you don’t)

First thing I saw was this little guy. I didn’t have the right lens but decided to show him to you anyway…remember that if you click the pic (once, twice) it fills the screen –

Then I walked down into the park (I really should have brought my zoom lens)…

…then I went down to the river. We have had an explosion of ducks in the past week.  In 30 minutes I saw 14 pairs…

Double Date

Of course those first dates can be awkward with all kinds of misunderstandings and missed signals.

I've never been so insulted!


and speaking of insulting…I don’t care what side of the culture war you are on.  Can we all agree that Rush Limbaugh is a grotesque example of a human being? I hope that if you, your mother, your sister, your daughter, your friend or any woman you know has ever used contraception to prevent pregnancy or for any of the many other medical needs address by the pill that you agree.  Five advertisers have already pulled their ads. I hope they all do.


11-21-11 Every Other Monday; and A Little Inside Baseball, A Little Politics, And More

14 days later and again I am down by Pier 54.  It is truly remarkable how isolated and alone I feel here in the middle of the city and yet how this is truly becoming a power spot for me.

I think I have some idea what it feels like to be a Republican Presidential candidate (The Field)  – other than Mitt Romney or Ron Paul.  One day I am nowhere in the polls, the next I am riding high and then I am down again.  What do I mean by that you ask? In the past seven days, the daily views of The Quotidian Hudson have ranged from a high of 459 to a low of 24.  I feel a bit like Michelle BachmannRick Perry and Herman Cain (and soon Newt Gingrich). I don’t see significant differences between the posts.

Of course, WordPress could just be messing with me…

December 19, 2008

The Québécois Christmas Tree sales group started to set up on the corner yesterday. This is wrong!  They aren’t supposed to set up until the day AFTER Thanksgiving!  Every year they show up, a slightly different group each year as they age out of the business, set up a 50′ stand of trees and live in a tent and sleep in their van in shifts until Midnight on 12/24.  I guess the police let them stay since they are only Occupying Morningside Heights and not Wall Street.

If it accomplishes nothing else Occupy Wall Street seems to have sensitized many people to how dangerous the Patriot Act is especially in its provisions that allow the police and little tin pot dictators (sorry, I mean mayors and school chancellors) to suspend civil liberties and  attack their employers (us) for peaceful protest.  The police have really gone more than a bit berserk over the past few weeks.  When even Forbes Magazine agrees you know that the cops have gone way too far.

Police response absurd

Four (paraphrased)  comments heard on the radio regarding OWS:

1: NPR– China has latched on to the pictures of cops pepper spraying, beating, throwing flash grenades and firing rubber bullets at citizens to paint the US as deeply hypocritical when it comes to civil liberties, democracy, the right of the people to gather and protest. The US says it is great in Egypt, Iran, China, etc but will not permit it at home.  As hypocritical as The Chinese are in regards to any issue of civil liberty, they are also right and that makes me very sad for my country;

2: Unknown – this is only news because the cops are finally treating white folks like the rest of the population;

3.  Rush Limbaugh AND Glenn Beck AND Sean Hannity  – The police in Santa Cruz are afraid to bust up Occupy because they are worried about what diseases they might get. All these dirty hippies do is smoke dope and have free sex. Lord knows what diseases are running through these communistic, unamerican encampments. Scabbies and who knows what all else.

4:  Unknown – Tea Partiers can go to rallies and Presidential appearances carrying guns and no one is arrested or hassled. OWS can’t even sit in the parks without being arrested.

Stay tuned for part three of my field trip – aka: Where am I? and How the heck do I get back to Troy?