11-6-12 Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin (I think) Maine, Maryland, Washington State, And On And On

If you had told me 10 years ago that a Presidential election would be between an African-American and a Mormon,  that a majority of the US would approve of gay marriage – not legalized in 50% of the country … that a gay woman (apparently) would be elected to the Senate – that two states would vote to legalize possession of small amounts of marijuana I would have laughed. If you had told me that pro and anti rape would be an issue I would have thought you were nuts.

Small but interesting point, Since 1928 the only times Republicans have won the Presidency someone named Bush or Nixon was on the ticket.


6-24-11 Watching The World (33-29…I love New York!!!)

Pass me the bottle, pass me the wine,
Open your throttle, and I’ll drive you right out of your mind,
Watching the waves, watching the sky,
I’m just sitting down here by the riverside,
Watching the world going by…

Chris De Burgh

Tonight was the opening of the graduating students exhibit at ICP.  Made for a very easy night in the lab as only 2 or 3 people wanted to work.  Spent most of the evening telling guests where the restrooms, food, and bar were.  With several hundred people there scattered over five or six rooms and two long hallways, a few amusing folk asked me if I knew where “X” was because they were not by their work.  My best advice was always the same “go to the bar and hang – they will show up”.

Several of the students I had become friendly with were kind enough to say thank you for your help – I don’t know what I really did for them but be nice and give them equipment but sometimes that is enough – and two were kind enough to bring me a glass of wine.

Spent most of my time at ICP and the rest of the evening following the NY State Senate deliberations on the Gay Marriage bill.  At approximately 10:25pm it passed and the Governor signed  the bill before Midnight, making New York the largest state in the country to approve Gay Marriage and only the second to do it through the Legislature.   I think the Pride Parade Sunday is going to be especially raucous!

The images above and below are two that did not make it to my final decision round for printing for my class but I really like them both.