5-1-13 Deep And Penetrating? Flat And Dull? It Is A Puzzlement

Over the past few days I had the chance to have a significant amount of my “A” list Hudson pictures looked at and evaluated by two professional photographers. One is more theory/fine art/academic while the other is more journalistic/documentary. Both published and very well-respected. I very much appreciated their feedback and, in general, they had similar responses to much of the work. However, on one sequence of shots they completely disagreed.

One said that these were my best shots. They “revealed your soul”  and you could “feel your presence” in them and while the framing was slightly off it didn’t matter, this was the work and where my focus should be.

The other said they were well framed but the lighting was bad, they were flat and I should re-shoot.

I think that is why it is called art and not science.

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