4-8-14 The Children’s Hour (River And Park Edition)

It was a beautiful spring day in the city. High somewhere in the low 60’s, partly sunny or partly cloudy depending on your point of view.


(Digression – Why the internet can be great. So which has more sun a partly cloudy or partly sunny day? Off I go down the google hole!)






I’m back. So…while you waited did your glass become half empty or is it half full?

It seems that officially, meteorologistly speaking…partly sunny and partly cloudy mean the same thing! It depends on the speaker. Now, I always assumed that a partly cloudy day was less sunny then a  partly sunny day but many people out there in internet land make a convincing counter argument. If your glass is partly full or partly empty which has more liquid in it? I would say the partly empty glass is more full then the partly full glass so isn’t a partly cloudy day therefore more sunny than a partly sunny day?

Could be! Who knows?

Anyway. The temperature at the river was the same as the rest of the city but…


the wind was blowing in the high teens or low 20’s so it felt a bit brisker. That didn’t stop these kids from PS 75 who took an art trip to the river


to make their own driftwood and flotsam/jetsam art!  I didn’t ask what grade they were in because I just assumed second or first. If it was a third grade class they almost certainly would have been trapped in a classroom being taught the finer points of taking a bubble test, – sorry I mean learning the math and english appropriate to the  grade level of their required make or break test – which is being given shortly. They certainly would NOT have been wasting time on such frivolity as Art (or for that matter History or critical thinking or deep reading).

As they headed back to school for dismissal I headed up to Riverside Park and shortly thereafter the fun continued with a wider range of ages.

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