15-06-21 Silent Day 5 (Father’s Solstice)

RSJohnson_150523_80852 flattened


9-4-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

I am going to bend the rules today. 

Dialogue is an engaging conversational exchange.

When it comes to photography, dialogue can be perceived as a consensual interaction between two images.”

Ah but sometimes the dialogue can be between a picture and an image in your mind. Today was Day 1 of classes at Smith College. I did not need to be there to form an image of the morning.

13 years ago on 9/03/2001, I was there. I still have that image in my mind but I also have the photographic proof. 

I also have a third image in my mind that will be familiar to most of you, an image of a bright morning 8 days after this picture was taken. Unimportantly, my world changed all three of these days.

Extremely importantly, my daughter’s world dissolved and reassembled in a new configuration on each of these days. 


9-3-2001_Kindergarten_Day 1

9-3-01 Abigail and Edy: Day 1 Kindergarten. PS 290












8-28-14 Leaving One Reality For Another (Off To College Edition)

So it is a big day here. To celebrate the ch-ch-ch-Changes, I beg your indulgence for this long slide show but how often do you send your only child off to college? Herewith a small piece of one 17-year-old life, starring Abigail Wyatt Alford Johnson with Eva Moskowitz, Caroline Kravitz, Edy Getz, Lilah Weiss, Ari Lapidus, Gracie Remington, Brigitte Seely-Messick, Jennie Nadel, Kailee Breaux and thousands of others.

Thanks for stopping by. Keep on running.


1-19-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Family (A Very Different View)

Yesterday I went with a non-literal view of family. (here)

Today I will be a bit more traditional. I showed a version of this portrait back on December 25th but have done a slightly different take on it here. Many people mean family to me but this is one of the two ranking members.

The word means many things to many people. Here are a few other takes:












12-18-13 Seven Days

On Sunday we received very good news. Abigail had been buzzing and hiding, waiting for news on her early decision application. Sunday morning we discovered that she has been admitted to Smith College and will be joining the class of 2018 next September. We are extremely happy for and proud of her but as her mother and I said, “Now that you have demonstrated what we knew, that you are a great young woman…why don’t you stay home?”

Given that won’t happen we decided we would buy a Christmas Tree instead. We gave it a few days to fall and then decorated tonight.

Tree11Every tree needs a lighthouse.


7-6-13 Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic (Smith College Edition)

We took a little road trip over the past three days, visiting friends in Clinton Corners, NY and Northampton, MA. While we were on the road the weekly photo challenge was released with the theme Nostalgic.

Since we were in Northampton I decided to take a walk on the beautiful Smith College campus and found my way to their botanical gardens. In the garden is a beautiful male Ginkgo biloba Maidenhair Tree; aka GINKGOACEAE. It was planted in 1901 as part of Frederick Law Olmstead‘s original landscape plan.

I thought everything from its name, to its age, to its planner, made for nostalgia.

Boro Walk

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