15-03-28 Short Vacation

Mexico City…




15-01-19 From A Smart Phone

The camera sees more than the eye, so why not make use of it?

Edward Weston


5-11-13 A Wandering Eye

One of my guiding principles has always been to photograph for myself, to please me, and not to play to the market. I want my work to be honest, real, genuine. If others appreciate it, great, that’s a nice bonus. The work rewards me, not the market place or other people’s opinions.”
— Harvey Stein

I really enjoy the Panorama setting on the iPhone 5. I shot this image yesterday at the State Line Lookout and worked in Snapseed today.

Hudson Panaroma Snapseed

3-6-13 Phoneography Two

Phoneography (link).

As discussed yesterday, WordPress has declared March to be phoneography month so  I figured in for a penny, in for a pound.  I took these shots with my iPhone on the 1 train and worked in Snapseed.

An old fashioned Kindle/Nook

An old fashioned Kindle/Nook

I don’t often do self-portraits but when the train is being held in the tunnel for an interminable amount of time and your book is not grabbing you; you play.

self #1

self #1

self #3

self #3

12-12-12 One Day On Earth – New York City

Sp not only are the odds very strong that I will never again see a date such as today’s… i guess I might make 1/1/01 (2101) with some quick medical advances but I hope not but this December has 5 Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays which only happens every 824 years according to several friends of mine.


8-18-12 Long Island Is Not Cape Cod

I am still having computer problems so this blog is continuing as an iPhone photo blog. I had an appointment on Long Island yesterday. At least the people were nice…
Still loving Snapseed…