9-15-14 Weekly Travel Theme: Noise

Ailsa wanted to make a little NOISE! this week. I am on a journey through the past. This is one place we meet. The photograph is from 9-15-11.

This shot looks like a nice, quiet, pastoral NYC scene. If you have ever been at a Middle School girls soccer match- especially the warm up…you know it wasn’t.


Here are some more views starting off with The Queens Of Noise!











10-4-13 Travel Theme: Height

I borrowed an Olympus OM-D E-M5 from a friend and spent much of the day playing with it. I have never shot with a mirrorless camera before and wanted to get a sense of how they perform. Do they reach the heights of a high-end DSLR?  No, but once I learn what I am doing, I think it will perform wonderfully and it is so small in comparison.

Ah well, I digress. Ailsa’s theme this week is height.  So, for my first pass I decided to hold myself to pictures I took today with the Olympus. Some may be pushing the theme a bit.


So, you could say that the sun is low in the sky and yet it is a great height above us.


I am high above this young soccer player.


How does the camera look?

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9-9-12 Another No Drama Sunday – Metropolitan And Park Style

We went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art this afternoon just because. I did want to see “Naked before the Camera” which closed today but really Katherine and I had not been there in some time and walking home across Central Park was going to be beautiful in an early Autumn sort of way (and it was).  Of course, The Met is great for people watching as well as art…It does not allow any flash photography and many of the rooms are dark so you have to shoot at a really high ISO and pretty low-speed, but I like that effect sometimes…

This young woman asked me to take her picture with her camera. Then I asked if I could take her picture with mine…

Forget something?

Then it was time to hit the park.

But first…

“Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’. Keep them doggies rollin'”


Just a beautiful day in the ‘hood.

7-27-11 Sometimes You’re The Windshield/Sometimes You’re The Bug

A beautiful day in NYC. Got a short term consulting project (a gig is a gig, right?), my MIL’s lawyers finally seem to have their act together on getting the correct paperwork to the correct people, first tomatillos of the summer are in (it’s salsa making time!), decent news on the family medical front, dinner coming up with Katherine and “the Meat Queen”.

It is time to head to the river.  A football game is in progress on the 103rd Street Riverside Park fields…

and I am walking along shooting and looking for the next good picture when blam! my left leg starts screaming with pain and I am falling towards the concrete, camera in my hand. Instinct takes over and I twist my arm so the forearm hits the ground and not the camera…and I bounce back up to my feet and look around and realize that no one but me saw what happened

What happened you ask?…

Idiot boy was not paying attention to where he was going and walked right into a park bench.

(image by Simon Howden)

The Bug – Dire Straits

I check the camera which luckily is fine. I check my right forearm which is not. One serious bruise/contusion coming up.  Then I look at my shin. Pretty deep cut but not bleeding too much.A quick walk to the river…a bit of a limp but not too bad.  Five minutes of shooting and then the slow walk home…

When I got home my lower leg was covered in blood but 10 minutes of pressure, a splash or three of Hydrogen Peroxide, a change of pants  and 6 band aids and I made it to dinner with Katherine and The Meat Queen.