9-25-13 Walking Through The Lines And Patterns Of St John The Divine

As the title suggests, I originally visited St John The Divine with the thought of shooting something for Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Through or the Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines To Patterns but I ended up going in different directions for those challenges.

For those of you who may not know of St Johns you truly should visit it when you are in New York. To tickle your interest I will give you one small bite of information about the Cathedral.  The cornerstone was laid 121 years ago in 1892. It is still under construction.

St John The Divine Glass-0139

St John The Divine Glass-0150

St John The Divine Glass-0154

St John The Divine Glass-0170


3-12-12 Water

When you look at that nature world it becomes an icon, it becomes a holy picture that speaks of the origins of the world. Almost every mythology sees the origins of life coming out of water. And, curiously, that’s true. It’s amusing that the origin of life out of water is in myths and then again, finally, in science, we find the same thing. It’s exactly so. – Joseph Campbell

Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans. – Jacques Cousteau

All day I face the barren waste/ Without a taste of water/ Cool water/ Old Dan and I/ Our throats slate dry/ Our spirits cry out for water/ Cool clear water/ Keep on movin’ Dan/ Some devils had a plan/ Buried poison in the sand/ Don’t drink it man/ It’s in the water/ Cool clear water/ In my mind/ I see A big green tree/ And a river flowin’ free/ Waitin’ up ahead/ For you and me/ Cool clear water – Bob Nolan/Revised by Joni Mitchell

I went to St John The Divine today, I wanted to see their exhibit The Value of  Water(website) before it closes on 3/25/12. If you are in the NYC Metro area, I strongly recommend a visit.


(c) Robert S Johnson

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