17-06-12 Too Soon

A young woman, a Bay Area photographer I met at a photo workshop, ended her life last week. We spent two days together, at best she was a Facebook acquaintance.
I followed her career, her joys and successes on FB and Instagram. It was clear she had her demons, as do we all, but she was a vibrant and loving soul.  I have been reading the love and pain expressed by her friends (again I emphasize I was a brief acquaintance, whatever pain I feel is the pain we all feel when someone dies too soon. ) Her community is mourning. I can’t imagine how her partner and family feel.

I’m not sure why I am writing this blog except that we need to make sure we celebrate our lives, other’s lives, and try to reach out and help anyone who is suffering and feeling unsure and alone. I guess it is also to suggest that the lives we see on FB etc., are not the whole story, certainly not the true story.

Goodbye MJ. Holding you in the light.


1-11-12 The Greenmarket – 1-12-12 BREAKING NEWS

1-12-12 – Something called me to go to the river today…

and this Police Boat blasts by me heading up river. I look in that direction and see nothing so turn and look downstream.  Off in the distance I see a lot of flashing lights.  When I get down to that location (96th Street) this is what I saw…

I was late to the scene but the story below gives the details.

Like they say in local news and the tabloids…”If it bleeds it leads.”  The driver did survive her plunge into the river.

Car Goes In River – CBS News

Back to our regularly scheduled blog…

1-11-12 The the Greenmarket (Union Square)

I needed to be in the Union Square area this morning which gave me a perfect excuse to go the Greenmarket. The market at Union Square is the flagship market in the city, and even though it is mid-winter (and despite the lack of snow and the warm temperatures it is mid-winter) a number of farmers are there with lots of different locally grown and produced foods and wares to sell.

Abigail was particularly taken with this picture of Green Eggs (no ham).

the white eggs are Ostrich and the green, according to the label are either Grinch or Emu…

There is a great selection of other more prosaic but very tasty foods…

If there is a Greenmarket or Farmer’s Market in your area, do check it out. The food is fresher and your money is actually going to the people who grew it not a distribution mill.

3-5-11 Across the bridge to Fort Lee Historic Park

Since I was in two states today…I think we will have more than one picture…

This has been a weekend full of misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and all around miscommunication and that is just what I am hearing on the streets.

I am told it was a beautiful morning. By the time I got out it was overcast, still warm though, and quite windy.  I had planned to walk up to the Bridge and Lighthouse and back but on an impulse decided to walk the bridge to Fort Lee Historic Park because in all my time in NYC I had never done that. I know, a bit odd but so it goes. I know people who have lived in NYC for decades who have never done the Statue or the Empire State Building. I hadn’t been to Ellis Island until my daughter’s field trip several years ago.

The first thing I noticed this time was the Suicide Prevention Lifeline sign Take 5 To Save Lives at the entrance to the Bridge. There is also one on the NJ side. I don’t know if it is new or that I somehow have never noticed it before. When I got on the bridge it was windy!  Easily 15mph faster than on the entrance walk.  I had about 10 pounds of gear in a shoulder bag and the damn thing kept trying to blow onto the road.

Fort Lee Historic Park has clearly had a rough winter. Outdoor exhibits are run down,

Click on photo for full size image.

the visitor center was closed because of “NO WATER”`but the views of the river, NYC and upriver were wonderful. The only unfortunate element were the couples arguing all over the park. I heard 4 in less than an hour. I guess the idea was to get it out of the house and into the wild.  That was counterbalanced by the deer in the “woods”.

20 yards to the river and maybe 50 yards to a 40 story+ apartment building

As I started to walk back I noticed that the Jersey side has a “No Photography” sign at the Bridge entrance. The NYC side does not…

I am from New York.