16-06-21 Golden Solstice With Duckling Sauce – Hudson River View

Taken last night as the solstice sun was setting – double exposure with white balance “adaptation.”


6-21-11 Summer Solstice 1:16 PM EDT

Nope this picture was not taken at 1:16. It was more like 7:46pm but summer time it is.  So what will be the inescapable summer song of 2011? Last year was Katy Perry‘s California Gurls and Eminem‘s Love The Way You Lie

Lots of songs bring me summertime memories but my all time summer songs (Not favorite summer songs but the ones that really bring back the summer they held the air) would have to be…

Miss You

When Doves Cry

I Kissed A Girl

What songs bring back your summer memories?

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