5-8-13 A Long Time Coming – Sandy

Wild, wild the storm, and the sea high running,
Steady the roar of the gale, with incessant undertone muttering,
Shouts of demoniac laughter fitfully piercing and pealing,
Waves, air, midnight, their savagest trinity lashing,
Out in the shadows there milk-white combs careering,
On beachy slush and sand spirts of snow fierce slanting,
Where through the murk the easterly death-wind breasting,
Through cutting swirl and spray watchful and firm advancing,
(That in the distance! is that a wreck? is the red signal flaring?)
Slush and sand of the beach tireless till daylight wending,
Steadily, slowly, through hoarse roar never remitting,
Along the midnight edge by those milk-white combs careering,
A group of dim, weird forms, struggling, the night confronting,
That savage trinity warily watching.
I may have mentioned that I went to Coney Island last Saturday…
While it wasn’t hit as hard as the Rockaways, Staten Island or parts of the Jersey Shore it still took a beating.
Sadly, six months later one of the true Coney landmarks is still not back in business.

Christie on Sandy bill: ‘This is why the American people hate Congress’ — MSNBC

“Anyone from New York or New Jersey who contributes one penny to Congressional Republicans should have their heads examined.”

These Republicans say it much better than I can

via Christie on Sandy bill: ‘This is why the American people hate Congress’ — MSNBC.


12-31-12: My 2012 In Pictures – Tercero/Thaleth/Tatu/Troisième/Ikatlo/Third

The New Year approaches. A question I pose to myself is: will I post everyday in 2013?  Time and circumstance will tell. Before I close out with some other of my favorite photographs of 2012 I want to acknowledge some of my favorite blogs, the ones I read consistently. All have something that I suggest warrants your attention. In no order at all they are…

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These are only a few – I have many more and will list some of them to start the new year perhaps…

Now some of my favorite pictures of 2012. They may not be my best but they are a collection of my favorites.

People – Places – Nature: in chronological order June-December


Mermaid Day Parade


Sky Over The Hudson

Teenager - Rock Center

Teenager – Rock Center


Photographer and Model – Lower East Side


Turkish Music Festival – Lincoln Center Out of Doors


DJ – WFUV -Ceol na nGael – Irish Music Festival – Lincoln Center Out Of Doors


Friend – Wellfleet, MA. Blackfish Creek


Sunset 2 – Wellfleet MA. Blackfish Creek


Fort Tryon Park – The Cloisters – The Heather Garden


Man – The High Line


Model – B&H Walkabout – The High Line


Sunset over The Hudson and New Jersey


Coney Island Boardwalk – Before Sandy


Low Tide – Pre Sandy – Hudson River 100th Street


Staten Island – Post Sandy


14th Street and 8th Avenue


Trees – (George Washington Bridge


Cherry Walk – Hudson River

A few other views of 2012

My Tropical Home


Cee’s Photography


Mike Hardisty Photography

Mirth and Motivation


For those unfamiliar with The Twilight Zone, this Wiki article explains yesterday’s title and quote:

To Serve Man

Happy New Year to one and all. I hope you have a glorious 2013.

11-19-12 You Say It’s My Birthday

To celebrate my neither here nor there birthday (doesn’t end in a 5 or a 0), Katherine and Abigail took me out to a lovely dinner on Sunday night.  Today, the actual day, I went out to The Rockaways with New York Cares.  They asked me to shoot their volunteers at work.  We spent the day at a disaster relief food distribution center. Because we were short two volunteers I ended up jumping in so didn’t shoot as much as I expected.  We served from 11-4. First sandwiches, 6 juice and 6 boxes of raisins, At 1PM we changed over to a full hot lunch. Over 2000 meals were served.  The people who were running the site asked me not to take pictures of the people being served which seemed reasonable. But I still like a few of the shots.

Team Leaders in conference

5 pallets of water given out in 30 minutes