12-16-12 Travel Theme: Transportation

Ailsa’s theme this week is transportation.  Lots of ideas and possibilities there.

In the immortal words of Tracy Nelson: “take a train or a plane/ it’s all the same/ just get out of here/ take a bus if you must/ but make sure you just/ oh, get out of here…”


Tall Ships and police boats on the Hudson River, airplane above

or you can try it this way…


Rented vehicle in Akumal, Mexico

Not as fast but a lot of fun.

5/26/12 First Day Of Unofficial Summer

Summer isn’t here yet but it felt that way.




5/25/12 Tidal Flats

“Out there was the gray beach with the slow combers rolling dull and leaden and the distant sound of it. Like the desolation of some alien sea breaking on the shores of a world unheard of. Out on the tidal flats lay a tanker half careened. Beyond that the ocean vast and cold and shifting heavily like a slowly heaving vat of slag and then the gray squall line of ash. He looked at the boy. He could see the disappointment in his face. I’m sorry it’s not blue, he said. That’s okay, said the boy.”

Colman McCarthy



All photos taken with iPhone4


5/23/12-Not The Vision I Had

I have a beautiful post written on my computer with some amazing pictures but…due to some technical snafu before I left the city, I was unable to publish it. But I will when I can…
Meanwhile Fleet Week started today. Tall ships and sailors…