11-28-13 Happy Thanksgiving



11-23-12 Boston

I went up to Newton MA for Thanksgiving at my parent’s home.  Katherine and I took over as much of the event as possible (23 for dinner). The day after I headed into downtown Boston to see my old stomping grounds. Parts were completely unrecognizable due to gentrification and urban renewal. Parts were just the same.  As a whole the city seems to be doing well.  Walk with me.

This community garden was started in 1974 by five Chinese immigrant women – legal, illegal, who knows and at this point nobody cares. – The city had ripped down the tenements on this block but then the developers money fell through and they took it over and started gardening. It has grown and grown and now has , at a guess, 150 individual plots being tended by people in the neighborhood.

Without a crane it was impossible to get a good shot of the garden and its size.

This gentleman sings for peace and dollars at the entrance to the Public Garden.

11-24-11 How To Prepare For The Big Feast

The River Is Always Ready

The Boys

Futbol or Football?

The Girls

Aerobic or Strength?

As for us – we didn’t prepare, we just dove in…


Kibbe Nayeh


I hope that everyone in the US had a great Thanksgiving and everyone everywhere else had a great day.