7-12-14 Street? Travel? Tourist Brochure?

I talked briefly yesterday about the “The Photographic Tools For Travel Photography” taught by David H Wells at ICP. He truly is a remarkable teacher.  If he is doing a class or workshop in your area, take it. You can find his photo site here:  http://davidhwells.com/ and his blog/educational site HERE: http://thewellspoint.com/

One thing David strongly recommended is to ask fellow photographers to give you their edit of your work.  So I am asking you, my readers to jump in!

As I said yesterday we all, David, the class, and myself thought my work bordered or was street photography. As it happens I am in Wellfleet and thought I would ask your opinion. Which of the following do you think are street and which travel? Comments below or back channel are both appreciated.




Travel or street these young women should not be doing this. It is completely destructive of the dunes.











5-25-14 No Drama Sunday (Cape Edition)

Dodging and burning are steps to take care of mistakes God made in establishing tonal relationships.” ~Ansel Adams

Early morning


The Beachcomber is open for the season





7-11-11 Roll Dem Bones

3 months ago today

A fun and silly day today. Went and had lunch at The Beachcomber and then went down to the beach, Cahoon Hollow.

While Katherine and the girls body surfed I was shooting. A thin guy with long hair came over to me and asked about my telephoto lens.  We chatted about that and the Cape (he had never been). Turned out he was Nash Kato, singer and guitarist of Urge Overkill who were playing the Beachcomber that night. They have just released a new CD, Rock & Roll Submarine and are on a short tour, had 2 days off and rather than spend it in a Boston hotel had gotten booked at the Beachcomber so they could sun and sand and play.

Nash is the one standing…

Later we went to Duck Pond again…

My foot with tadpole

Back to the house to shower and change, dinner at a fine local establishment, mini-golf, then dropped the girls back at the house and Katherine and I went to the ‘coma (Beachcomber for those not from Massachusetts) to see Urge Overkill play. Grabbed a few beers, a t-shirt and the CD and home again.

taken with my iPhone