15-05-15 Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped

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I thought I would go back to the river and my favorite season for this one…


Other envelopes:

First a man who enveloped my musical world for decades…

Now for the rest…









9-3-12 We Are Labor Day People – (The River Edition)

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio

then are dreamt of in your philosophy

For a number of reasons I have been thinking about artists (in the broadest sense): who they are; what they do; and who gets to say they are artists. Does each individual get to say “I am an artist”  or is that really reserved for…the audience? the critics?, the scholars?

Naturally, sooner or later, such thoughts take me to Shakespeare. Some people may say they have no idea who he was – I think he was William Shakespeare, but that is a conversation for another day – but just about everyone seems to agree that he was the greatest artist who has ever worked in the English language.

The quote above is from Hamlet.  Once upon a time it was my favorite of the tragedies and of all his plays but as I got older that position was taken by King Lear and now the favorite tragedy would be Macbeth and the favorite play…perhaps Macbeth, perhaps The Tempest, perhaps Twelfth Night but for pure wordsmithery I have believed for many years nothing beats Mercutio‘s Queen Mab speech (for a good time follow the link) from Romeo and Juliet. There is a reason young actors ALL seem to use it in auditions.

None of the above has anything to do with the river or Labor Day except perhaps the variety of life that Shakespeare shows to us…