10-05-14 The New North Section Of The High Line

The last section of the High Line opened last week and despite it being Sunday I decided to venture up and walk it. It is quite lovely and completes the project. Each part of the High Line has its own personality and style. This one is the most open and, to quote a sign I read, has the least amenities. But it does have some unique features.

For instance, this portion comes with a children’s dungeon!



The designers also left many of the plants that had grown up there while it was closed rather than manicuring the space.





It has great views of the city.


I bet this becomes a new iconic NYC shot.


It also has the best views of the river since much of it runs along 12th Avenue.





And happy soft ice cream vendors await as you return to the street.




They did really well. Do visit when you have time.

10-21-13 Boro Walk

Yesterday I mentioned the Boro walk I went on Friday night led by Lynn Saville . Here is a selection of photos from the walk.

















Below is an attempt at inserting a video of the pictures. Will it work? No idea..

8-11-13 The iPhone As Photographic Tool

For the past two days I TA’d a class called The iPhone as Photographic Tool at ICP.  Amadou Diallo taught the class. He is a very smart guy, a good teacher, and really knows both traditional photographic equipment and the current state of smart phone equipment.  I took all the photos below with my iPhone, some with the native iPhone camera, some with an ap called Pro Camera, some with Pro HDR. Some have not been processed, I worked some in Snapseed, and some in Lightroom.

Your smart phone can shoot some truly good images if you let it.

Voice Tunnel



Subway Ghosts

Look what HDR can do

Look what HDR can do

El Anatsui - Broken Bridge

El Anatsui – Broken Bridge

I was really impressed with this young woman’s ability to hold it together with 5 people taking pictures with their iPhones

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9-10-12 Guerrilla Shooting On The High Line

Took a B&H Event Space seminar/class led by Robert Harrington called “Guerrilla Shooting On The High Line With Off Camera Flash”. B&H provided the classroom and impetus, Bob Harrington provided the expertise and models and Expo Imaging provided the lighting gear.

It really was a fun couple of hours with good people, a smart teacher and wonderful models.  I had no complaints at all.  I hardly ever do with B&H events. As always I did wish for more time and individual attention.  Whenever I do get cranky about something like that, I remind myself of the cost of the class – $0.00 – and the incredible amount of truly informative classes B&H and their vendors put on every year and I end up saying “damn this is a good deal”. If you are a photographer: beginner; amateur; pro-am; or even professional, check out the Event Space the next time you are in NYC. I bet you find something that will grab you.

As great as shooting the models with the provided off camera flash gear was…The High Line is a GREAT place to shoot just folks.   Below is a small part of who I shot…

“Yeah, that’s right! I walked in your shot! So…whatcha going do ’bout it?
(Actually this is Deborah one of the B&H mavens)

Turn down the fan!!!!!

Fishing? Nope – David the B&H Event Space manager working as the Best Boy.

6-13-12 Stuyvesant Square

“The attack did not succeed as well as I had hoped, no small impediment having been the loss of my right leg.”

Peter Stuyvesant

I have to say that is a quote!

There is a little pocket park (really two parks as 2nd Avenue runs between them) between E 15th and  E 17th Streets known as Stuyvesant Square. I stopped by before heading to the Greenmarket.

Then I headed over to the Greenmarket.  The good news is that the market is flooded with cherries and New Jersey farmers have started bringing peaches. The bad news is that the market is flooded with cherries and New Jersey farmers have started bringing peaches. This is way too early.  The mild (non-existent) winter has accelerated the crops.

Did he follow me or did I follow him from Stuyvesant Square?



Twilight over the Hudson from the High Line

5-12-12 A Tourist In New York

As mentioned yesterday, my parents are visiting for Mother’s Day weekend and so I took them for a tourist day today. We hit the High Line and took a 75 minute boat ride down the Hudson to the Statue and back.  Things I only seem to do when I have out-of-town guests.

I took a lot of great shots (I think) especially faces on the boat tour but I am only putting up two today, one from each adventure.

It’s all happening at the zoo

Not a “good walk spoiled”