2-22-12 Grand Central Terminal

According to Travel and Leisure magazine 10/2011), I visited the world’s sixth most popular tourist destination yesterday (approx. 21.6 million tourists a year – how they came up with this figure I do not know…).  Actually since I went through Times Square to get there I also visited the world’s #1 tourist attraction (according to T&L).  I knew the Terminal (and yes, properly, it is Grand Central Terminal not Station) was a big tourist draw but I had no idea…

It is now entirely a commuter rail station as Amtrak runs out of the “new” and extremely ugly, Pennsylvania Station. Grand Central is the largest train station in the world – by number of platforms (44 currently and scheduled to be 48 by 2016).

Because not enough people go through GCT, they frequently have special events.  This week…?

That’s right! Through Saturday you can be photographed holding a real honest to god Academy Award (Oscar).  According to the guide I spoke with the line wasn’t too bad (only a 20 minute wait at 5:15pm). During lunch time they expect that number to spike and Saturday…

Then I went into the inner hall and watched the commuters…




6-27-11 Three Women

Do your eyes have an answer
To this song of mine
They say we meet again
On down the line
Where is on down the line
How far away?

Hammond Song – Margaret A Roche

Why these three women brought The Roches to my mind I can not say.  But there I was at 7:30am walking by the river to the subway (a bit of a detour it is true) when this shot appeared before me and Maggie, Terre and Suzzy popped into my head. A truly wonderful and quirky trio of sisters from NJ with the ability to create some unbelievable and spectacular harmonies.

Hammond Song

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