3-14-11 The Shore Trail @ Palisades Interstate Park

I thought a good way to start the week would be a jaunt to New Jersey so I took the 1 to 181st Street and walked the bridge 

to the Palisades Interstate Park. There are approximately 26 miles of hiking trails in the park and I wanted to walk part of the Shore Trail.

I walked from the southern entrance to the bridge down the hill into the park and then north under the bridge

through the Ross Dock Picnic Area

until I was opposite the Cloisters, doubled back to Carpenters Trail where I ascended stairs that rise 300 feet in 2/10 of mile




(Reminder that you can see larger pictures if you click on the image.)

and walked the end of the Long Path back to the bridge

and on to Manhattan.

It was a good pre-spring day, nice hiking weather, not too many people around.  (I bet it is crowded on a summer weekend)

Two teenage girls asked me to take their picture on their iPhones with the bridge as backdrop , a model was getting some shots done with the bridge as the background, a mother and son from Germany asked me to take their picture with their Nikon D700 (gear envy!)… with the bridge as background . The deer didn’t ask me to take their picture and would not pose with the bridge in the background but I took a picture anyway. I also met this fellow…but he wasn’t talking…

Later this year when I have the right shoes I will be back to walk the rest of this trail. I also want to walk part of The Long Path but probably not all 347 miles.