12-22-11 Solstice Sunrise 7:17 AM

Of course, the Hudson is on the west side of the island so it does not get the spectacular sunrise that the East River gets. None the less, at 7:17, there I was looking down on the river from Riverside Park.  I still think it  a pretty sight.  The usual crowd was in the park and by the river. Runners, bikers, walkers and dog walkers.  As I took this next shot (at 7:28 – 11 minutes after official sunrise) a woman’s voice behind me said: “That is a pretty view. You could almost forget it’s New Jersey.” (Ah we are incorrigible here in the city).

Happy Solstice!

Happy Chanukah!

While looking for video of what was going to be today’s Holiday song, this popped up. I am embarrassed to admit that I, supposed collector of off beat Holiday tunes, had never seen or heard this before.  Teach me not to listen to opera…