7-19-11 Small Beer

I am listening to The Trio a lot these days. The pure singing takes me to a different, very calm, and centered, place and I need that right now…After The Goldrush – The Trio

I went to a camera repair shop yesterday to see if they could refurbish an old 1950’s Canon Abigail’s grandfather gave her recently. While I was there I asked them to look at my 18-55 lens. It “sounded” wrong to me and I thought everything I was shooting seemed “off”. Damned if I hadn’t broken the gears somehow.  How? No idea…but there you go. Into the shop for repairs at a cost of $79.  Small Beer as the British say, (Small Beer: “Informal” a person or thing of little importance”) given all that is going on here but still a pain in the rear.

This guy kept trying to pick something out of the water – looked kind of like a bagel to me but I can’t be sure – and wasn’t able to get it…I shot at least 4 attempts he made…