15-02-05 Playtime

Then a crowd a young boys they’re a foolin’ around in the corner
Drunk and dressed in their best brown baggies and their platform soles
They don’t give a damn about any trumpet playin’ band
It ain’t what they call rock and roll
Then the Sultans
Yeah the Sultans they play creole, creole

Mark Knopfler

I felt a little off when I got home and decided to just mess about in Photoshop for a bit with one of my current favorite pictures while listening to The Sultans of Swing on auto repeat..

This is the original:

RSJohnson_Hudson_ 110612-2

This is after working it in Lightroom:

RSJohnson_Hudson_ 110612-2-2

Moved into Photoshop from the edited Lightroom

RSJohnson_Hudson_ 110612-2-Edit

I have no idea if I like what I did. That is going to have to wait until tomorrow but I had a good time.

2-24-13 RGB (and Brown)

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything,
That’s how the light gets in.
~Leonard Cohen

In photography RGB is a very important phrase, concept, and working environment.  As I walked along Riverside Park in the rain yesterday the living embodiment appeared to me. Of course, it is a park so…

Hudson River

2012-2013 New Year

The last picture I shot in 2012 was with my iPhone at Roy and Anne’s apartment.

Demon Dog

Demon Dog

The dog is Leo (since he is a Mexican dog it is pronounced Lay-o). The legs are Roy.

The first picture I shot in 2013 was with my Nikon in Riverside Park with the river in the distance.

Christmas - Done

Christmas – Done

12-2-12 A Different View

I am in love with the Hudson River. I lived near it for many years without really noticing it but over the past five years or so, it has become a larger and larger presence in my life.  So days like Sunday, with the fog and the duck,  can make me very happy.

It can also piss me off.  Sunday comes after Saturday. The Hudson is a working river, lots of commerce, lots of untreated raw sewage during heavy storms, long-term pollutants that are only slowly beginning to be cleaned up, flotsam and jetsam galore. It is a fact. Many people have worked and continue to work to clean it up, to make it a place we all can use.

So when I see crap like this…

12-2-12 Asshole behavior

I get angry. Really, how hard would this have been to clean up after your party?  I’ll tell you how hard. It took me about 30 seconds to collect the 4 balloons (2 not shown) and another 30 seconds to pop them and put them in my pack for disposal when I returned home.

Careless, unthinking behavior bothers me.  Do we really need more immortal plastics in our waterways?

5-21-12 Ruh Roh!

Thanks Chuck,

And now a sad note…famed Television and Movie Star Scooby-Doo was found face down in the rain in a trash heap today. When medics attempted to talk with him and ascertain the problem he was unable to respond with anything except his famous catch phrase. His co-star,  Sarah Michelle Gellar expressed surprise at the turn of events: “We just wrapped Scooby-Doo 3 and he seemed fine and happy during and after the shoot.”

Quotidian Hudson has these exclusive pictures taken on 109th Street late this afternoon…



Battle Over The Hudson

6-5-11 No Drama Sunday # 7

Just a lovely day. I spent most of it working but did take a two hour break to walk the river. I shot close to 180 pictures to make sure I had enough to get through the week if I don’t make it back before next weekend. I think I will but better safe…as it is a very busy week. I will be out late at least 3 nights this week and into work early every day.

Two days of exams left. The countdown to vacation has begun.

5-10-11 Nightlife and River Art

Left very early this morning and got home late. Out to the river at night again. This may be happening with more frequency as I am currently on a new schedule. I have never done a lot of night photography and I don’t use/own a tripod so this could be a real learning experience for me…

The (approximately) half-moon was up and the cloud cover was light, so I thought I would see what effect that had on color shift, whether the auto focus would even pretend to function, and how it would affect the built-in flash.  The first thing I noticed with more light had nothing to do with photography however.  The extra light made it possible to see two rats scuttling about the rocks collecting their dinner.

People sure do love to leave stuff behind that rats want to eat.  Then we complain that “they” are not doing enough to control the rat population.  When are we going to realize that, in this case at least, we are them!.

Over the past few months I have collected a number of photographs of human refuse scattered on the riverbank. I think that will be a post one day. The rats, of course, were too gray and moved too fast for me to catch them in my lens.

Probably just as well…