5-12-13 Travel Theme: Beaches – 3 Shots – 4 POV

Ailsa’s Theme this week is Beaches. You can find many other views expressed at her blog right here.


Birds of a feather

Birds of a feather


It's May, it's May,...

It’s May, it’s May,…

POV 3 and 4


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4-14-13 Really-Wow

“And where are the clowns?
There ought to be clowns.
Well, maybe next year.”

I have spent much of the past 72 hours scanning through the last 2 and half years of photographs in preparation for a contest submission and my eyes hurt.  Basically the only things I stopped for were eating, sleeping and, thankfully, a visit from Aunt, Uncle, Cousin and kids who were in town for 24 hours. It was a relief to get my head out of the computer and see people who actually moved and talked even for a little while.  However I am about to dive back in.

Here are a few of the images that I have been working on.


Working away-1

Working away-5

Working away-4

Working away-6

Working away-2

1-24-13 Weekly Photo Challenge Beyond #3 (Going Beyond)

Why going Beyond? (check out other entries at the link). Three times in one week is a bit much, no?

However, these are two of my favorite pictures. I think they contrast nicely and both remind me of wonderful times and isn’t that one of the primary reasons people shoot?

England - after Stonehenge

England – after Stonehenge



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10-22-12 Preparing A Change

Over the past few days I have been going through many of my images since – god help me – I am planning to reorganize. My old Lightroom/HardDrive  structure which worked for a while is now being overwhelmed by the amount of images that exist and I am losing my ability to easily call them up.

Here are two images I rediscovered taken in Tulum, Mexico in 2011.

3-29-11 Post 1(of 2): Off Topic – Akumal

So we returned home late last night from 6 days in Akumal. We are usually a city vacation family with “go-go-go” being our motto, so this was an unusual trip for us.

Loved it!

Starting with our dealings with LocoGringo , a lovely agency, everything was smooth and easy. We went back and forth with them for over a month as they supplied us information on our various lodging choices, worked with our needs and (very limited) budget until we finally decided on Vista Del Mar. This was a lovely little place with a great staff and easy access to everything in Akumal. We are not an all-inclusive type family so if that is your thing, do not come here. If you want to be comfortable, on  the water, plan your own days and just be, cook for yourself on occasion, blog daily -wifi access – this is the place for you.

Moonrise Day 2


Sunrise from the patio Day 4

Our flight down was amusing as we had 6 guys who clearly watched way too much Jersey Shore sitting in front of us. It is hard to believe but they made the Jersey cast look like intellectual powerhouses. The one who most “impressed” Abigail was the guy who kept marveling that you couldn’t smoke on airplanes and added at the end of the journey that they really had screwed up and had not drunk nearly enough on the flight, but, in their defense, they were very polite to Katherine as they were moving their seatback to a down low and locked position…My personal favorite was the youngest whose t-shirt read: “I Am Not An Asshole”. Good to know and thanks for sharing.

Must recommend two restaurants, El Ultimo Maya which is over the bridge in the Pueblo of Akumal, excellent dinner, lovely people who own it and, since, unfortunately for the owners, we were the only people there (it was after happy hour) – and we didn’t object, the cook/co-owner, kept his boom box blasting the entire time, everything from Jessie J to Beiber to AC/DC!  Second place to recommend is La Cocina Economico just before the arch where you enter the Playa area.  A great, economical breakfast.

The Mayan site at Tulum is a marvel and that is before you go down to the beach.

Final recommendation is AKTUNCHEN, a nature adventure.  For flat out fun they have a zip line “ride” that goes over the jungle, but the real attractions are the cave walk and the underground Cenote.

Unfortunately, the underwater snorkeling shots were done with film (how retro…) and are not processed yet so I have no idea if 1: they came out or 2: are any good.  In any case, if you are on the Mayan Riviera make sure to get there.

Just for fun we rented a golf cart and Abigail got her first experience driving.

Unlike many of her friends, she did not crash and she even drove at night.