3-27-14 Bank Of America Tower (BOAT) Hula Hoop!??

It was cold and windy in New York City last night. Not a night to stop and shoot without reason. I was walking down 6th Avenue (aka (by who?)- Avenue of The Americas) towards 42nd Street and passed by the BOAT (Bank of America Tower). This building is the third tallest in NYC and has a platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating which makes it a model for building green. Several times I have attempted to shoot in and into the lobby and large people in uniform have told me to go away.

I was hurrying along with my head down against the wind but something caught my eye and I looked into the lobby. I neither know why this happened at 9:45 pm in the lobby of a major skyscraper,  nor do I have any idea of the participants but this is what I saw.

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Cindy Adams would say “only in New York” but I know better.