15-10-12 Self-Portrait

I never take pictures of myself with my iPhone…Well hardly ever. But Sunday afternoon at Mercado Roma, Katherine wanted a memento…so after a Mezcal Smash,


this appeared…



6-20-14 Weekly Photo Challenge – Between –

This week’s challenge is very timely.

It is Between.

Today we left from here:RSJohnson_1406190416   and arrived here: RSJohnson_1406200311

but almost exactly between (80 miles)…













8-3-12 Escape From New York


Abigail and I hit the road today on a journey to Cape Cod. Katherine and Abigail’s friend, Caroline, join us tomorrow. As always, traffic in Connecticut was beyond hideous – it always is – as was the traffic approaching the Bourne Bridge. But who cares we ended up in Wellfleet with Abigail’s grandparents. What could be better.




3-31-12 Goodbye Secret Bay

Our family did not have a good 2011. Many things simply did not go well, and an amazing amount of stressors landed on us in quick succession.  But we made it through and felt we deserved some sort of reward for our pains.  But we had a limited amount of time and money. Katherine did some exploring and well…

We spent the last five days on the incredible island of Dominica…on the outskirts of the town of Portsmouth in an amazing eco-resort/hotel called Secret Bay.  I cannot say enough about the staff and owners of the establishment. Gregor and Sandra are the most welcoming hosts and Anastasia Thomas (Anna) is simply the best guest services manager/concierge/hostess I have ever encountered (and I worked around the 5 star hospitality industry for many years.) The entire staff are brilliant; welcoming, friendly, caring, and will happily and cheerfully rescue you if you do something idiotic with your car…

As Katherine put it the service and staff are almost perfectly parental in their care – there when you need them and gone when you want to fly on your own.

We stayed in the villa called Zing-Zing. The use of space, the flow of outdoor to indoor and back is amazing. I will be posting about our actual Dominica adventures later today but, I truly feel that Secret Bay deserved its own nod.

The pictures do not do it justice.

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