5-26-14 Street Walking

”Photography is about finding out what can happen in the frame. When you put four edges around some facts, you change those facts.” – Garry Winogrand



3-22-12 Who Needs To Be Good When You Can Sell (Tebow Edition)


I don’t particularly follow football. I used to but when the players got so bulky they no longer resembled any human being I knew or had ever seen in real life, I sort of lost interest.  I probably wouldn’t have liked the gladiator contests in ancient Rome either…

I love baseball and don’t understand why doping is such a big issue in baseball and track when clearly they are not the major offenders…However I still read about football in the sports pages and even if I didn’t the Tebow nonsense of last season permeated the culture. So yesterday, The New York Jets (New Jersey’s 2nd team), after saying they had no interest in Peyton Manning (which meant that he had no interest in invading his brother’s territory or in the Jets) and giving their mentally fragile starting QB, Mark Sanchez, a $40 million extension, trade for Tebow?

Now, by all accounts, he is a very nice young man who loves his mother, is a good friend, a good teammate – perhaps has never read Matthew 6:6: “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.”, – but, all in all, a nice fellow who simply is not an NFL quarterback.

It’s circus time in old NY! The headlines are already salivating, not over what he can do on the football field, but how many jerseys he can sell, how much will he help ticket sales, and imagine the two young Christians merging Linsanity and Timsanity and all the endorsement possibilities!  Most sports writers and opposing teams seem to think it is an awful idea for the Jet’s chances of actually, say, winning a Superbowl and believe that it may ruin Sanchez – there is a minority who think it is a good move – but who cares!  $$$$$$$$$$$$$ makes the world go around.

The other big sports news in NYC also concerns $. The Mets owners will not have to repay $300 million in phantom profits to victims of Bernie Madoff and, in the end, may actually come out $16 million ahead.  Oh yeah,  think I heard that The Knicks are 3 games out of first, The Rangers are barely in first place and spring training is in full swing…

Not sure how I got off on that rant… I may be spending too much time talking to the OWS folks…

Another beautiful day in NYC today….

It started out foggy

with an 80% chance of bubbles

but soon the sun came out and people did their best to work outside…

Over at Union Square and Occupy Wall Street, the mood was more playful today –

“Ah – I might as well jump. Jump!”

“Go ahead, jump. Jump!”

Not that politics and protest were off the table…

ain’t that the god’s honest truth…