11-25-14 A Sign Of Red Hook

This may be my favorite sign in the city.

Seen on a bridge over the Gowanus Canal (back in the past referred to as Lavender Lake due to its pungent smell, now apparently supposed to become the Venice of Brooklyn.)


7-31-13 (Just Kidding) 8-1-13 The Past Is Prologue

Today, I thought I would start off with a prophetic musical interlude from 1974…

I am taking a one week intensive Photoshop class which has not left much time for picture making or well anything but Photoshop.

August always makes me want to look backwards to see what rushed by so quickly so I have been going through the archives of our various travels over the years.  This may be my favorite picture ever of Katherine and Abigail even though  – to be blunt – I screwed up the framing badly. We were waiting for a water bus as evening fell in Venice.  And yes, since you ask, Abigail is wearing a hoodie.

Waiting for the bus

Ah well time passes…

6-17-13 I Took A Wrong Turn

“Getting lost is the only place worth going to.”

Tiziano Scarpa

I was looking for a specific Hudson picture today, one I feel is very important to include in this first body of work. For some reason my hand opened the “wrong” file and I found myself back in Venice.  Katherine, Abigail and I had a great two weeks there many a year ago. Lived in a rented flat. Went wandering at all hours of the day and night. We had a Samuel Beckett character living at the end of the street. He would monologue for several hours at a time and had built an apartment out of boxes.

I loved Venice but I particularly loved it at night.Canal at Night


Nighttime on the canal