4-23-13 William A Harris Garden – Riverside Park – New York Cares

I’m back…

As I wrote on 4/21, Saturday, April 20th, was  New York Cares Day Spring 2013. One of the places I shot was the William A. Harris Garden at 153rd Street and St Nicholas Avenue in Harlem. It is a great little community garden and I strongly recommend visiting.  I was lucky enough to meet Lori Harris who seems to dedicate every free moment to the garden. If you are lucky she might be there when you come by!

After I finished shooting there I took a long walk over the Macombs Dam Bridge and back then down to The Hudson via 155th St (pictures to follow in the near future) and quite by accident stumbled upon another New York Cares work site. Well, there were 70 + after all. Here are a few pictures from that scene.


4-20-13 New York Cares Day Spring

Today New York Cares held its annual spring cleaning in many of NYC’s smaller parks. I was assigned to shoot two of them – The Daniel Wilson Garden at 216 W 122nd Street and the William Harris Garden at St Nicholas Avenue and 153rd Street and tripped over a third. In between that I crossed the Macombs Dam Bridge, visited Trinity Cemetery and Mausoleum, walked 155th Street where the skateboarders play and walked the river. I shot over 800 pictures today. Here are a few from New York cares. The others will be up over the next few days.

The Daniel Wilson Garden - A few members of "Team Fun"

The Daniel Wilson Garden – A few members of “Team Fun”

The William Harris Garden - Lori Harris in the center.

The William Harris Garden – Lori Harris in the center.

Me: "You're working hard" She: We're HR!" (HSBC) Riverside Park and 148th Street.

Me: “You’re working hard” She: We’re HR!” (HSBC) Riverside Park and 148th Street.

Daniel Wilson Garden

3-9-13 Picture Orgy! (Taken Not Shown)

I spent much of the day today at NYU’s Kimmel Center photographing New York Cares Leadership Conference:  Gathering; Opening Remarks; Keynote; 9 Breakouts (x 2 sessions); Lunch.  I took a lot of pictures. It was a very interesting conference. The breakouts were all good. Anyway more on that to come.

Then I walked out into Washington Square Park on the first warm Saturday of the almost spring. College students dressed in bright colors, dancing and wearing horns; bagpiper; Guitar/Banjo duo;  An African-American comic/gymnastic duo; sand painter; International Women’s Day  March and speeches; people. I took a lot more pictures.

Roy and Anne are coming over in an hour for dinner.  I certainly don’t have time to process much.

So just one shot chosen almost at random because I liked its 1/2″ x 1/2″ preview.  Many more to come. If you would like to support New York cares text ICARE to 85944 and donate $10.

Linda I. Gibbs - Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services (l). Gary Bagley - Exececutive Director New York Cares (r).

Linda I. Gibbs – Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services (l). Gary Bagley – Executive Director New York Cares (r).

10-13-12 New York Cares – Harlem Renaissance High School

If you have followed the blog for six months or more you know that I shoot for New York Cares on their two big volunteer days each year.  NY Cares is the largest volunteer organization in New York. They have things going every day of the year but twice a year (Fall and Spring) they put together a citywide clean up, spruce up, fix up day. Today was that day. I was assigned to the Harlem Renaissance High School on E 128th Street.

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4-21-12 New York Cares Day

Today was the annual spring New York Cares Day. I was assigned to shoot at Marcus Garvey Park.  This is a park in the heart of Harlem. 10 years ago it was not a place where falling asleep on a park bench was advised.  Since then the community rallied around it and it is now one of the nicest “small” parks in Manhattan.  That doesn’t mean it doesn’t need love and some extra help. Lots of volunteers from lots of different organizations came out to paint, weed, collect trash, and in general spruce up.

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