17-01-03 Trans_Lucent Dreams

“Everybody is wrong about everything, just about all the time.” – Chuck Klosterman
“I am not one of those who in expressing opinions confine themselves to facts.” – Mark Twain

I am always extremely impressed with those definitive people who can say with confidence on January 1st that: “this was my best/favorite work of the past year.”

I seem to always feel: “Well, yes, that is true today but how about next month? Or next week? Or tomorrow? I will have changed by then. So, I expect my opinion will as well.”

Pretty wishy-washy, I guess.

Anyhow, a few of my favorite images made in 2016 from my project “Trans_Lucent”  as of 1/3/17 at 9:00 am…






16-04-02 WPC – Landscape #1

Looking out over the Indian Point Marshes towards Blackfish Creek, low tide 2/29/16. (My apologies, I have a failing nuclear power plant on the brain. This is the Indian Neck Marshes not Indian Point…oops – edit 4/2/16 @ 6:23 pm)


Other landscapes.

9-30-14 Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime – The Final Time

I couldn’t leave the theme without posting my favorite night shot of 2014. I believe I posted this just about two months ago so call it a flashback if you like.

Taken on August 10 at Blackfish Creek.


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Here are ten more of my choices:












Travel theme: Summer

I am not a joiner and I don’t do “one-off” challenges but I am also a mass of contradictions and this particular challenge which Vlad over at Wind Against Current and Reb over at ColderWeather suggested in their blogs intrigued me.  It is being run by Ailsa of Where’s my backpack? and the theme is – well, see the title of this post.  I have no idea if these photos challenges are supposed to be limited to one picture or if you can use several but since summer means more than one thing to me…

The real kickoff to a New York summer – The Gay Pride Parade

The tidal flats of Blackfish Creek in Wellfleet MA.

Pete Seeger warming up

the swimmers of the The Great Newburgh to Beacon Hudson River Swim

and, of course,

Lincoln Center‘s Midsummer Nights Swing