Diversion: Capture The Colour Photo Challenge

Just discovered this contest Capture The Colour which ends today.

The colours (or colors on this side of the pond) requested are: Red; Green; Blue; Yellow and White (the anti-color). A few of these may be familiar to some of you.

The Little Red Lighthouse


Green – Champlain Canal Lock # 5

Green_CC-Lock 5-0089120203

Blue – Duck Pond, Wellfleet MA


Yellow –  Creek to Hudson River, Nyack NY

Yellow-0096 copy

White – The trail between Inwood Hills park and The George Washington Bridge


A further request is that you invite five fellow bloggers to submit. Several bloggers I would have chosen have already been picked. Several others are on the other side of the world where it is already the 10th.

Yi-Ching Lin Photography

Photography Journal Blog (Amy Maranto)


Leanne Cole Photography – This may very well be too late but you should check out her blog anyway

Jean’s Photography Blog

Have fun…


9-18-13 Two Ways Of Seeing

Uncle Tim’s Bridge – Wellfleet, MA

Uncle Tim's Bridge v3-


Uncle Tim’s Bridge – Wellfleet, MA

Uncle Tim's Bridge v3--2

On a related note, for those of my readers interested in learning more about Wellfleet or who love the town and want to keep up with what is happening check out Wellfleet Today. It is a really good blog published by Alexandra Grabbe.  She and her husband Sven run the B&B Chez Sven In Wellfleet.

9-15-13 The FBI/NSA Drone Plan Comes To Wellfleet?

An object flew over Wellfleet Harbor at low tide on Sunday. At first I thought it was a remote control toy helicopter but it certainly didn’t fly like one. I asked a woman if it belonged to her kid and she laughed nervously and said her 6 year old didn’t have a drone and she had no idea why Wellfleet had one.

I unfortunately only had my 85mm not the 300mm so couldn’t get in really tight. Thoughts? Helicopter? Drone? Other?

First view

First view

Closing in

Closing in

Nearest approach

Nearest approach



Flying back to from where it came

Flying back to from where it came

Showing no inclination to land anytime soon

Showing no inclination to land anytime soon

7-24-13 Where I Am Not

Boro Walk

I can’t remember a year in the past 25 where we have gone so far into the summer without visiting Wellfleet even once…This is Blackfish Creek at low tide.

Boro Walk

Highland Light in North Truro. I was trying for an Edward Hopper look here.

7-20-13 Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

This week’s photo challenge is: Fresh

Just yesterday I had my first fresh peach of the season which naturally put me in mind of food. So here we have three examples of freshness, 2 food based and one not.

First and most important of all…

Fresh Air

Fresh air. Can’t live without it!

Several years ago (2008) we went to a Slow Food 3 day Festival? Feastival? in San Francisco.  One of the events we attended was foods of the south. They had these extremely fresh apples sliced as we sat down I had never tasted before…

Schumaker Apple Fresh

The Schumacher Apple (birthplace: Creston, South Carolina – Hi Andra and MTM!)

The following year we went to Wellfleet for the Oyster Fest in mid October (The fresh air picture is from there). Oysters are not the only fresh thing you can get in Wellfleet.

Fresh Lobster

I don’t eat lobster but I was told these were great.

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6-12-12 Travel Theme: Oceans (A Digression)

Ailsa over at Where’s my Backpack? threw down a new photo challenge in honor of World Oceans Day. This gave me a chance to dig through some older pictures.  The scans were done on the fly and on the cheap. It doesn’t bother me. Hope it doesn’t bother you.

Let’s start with the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica back in the early 90’s….

Then head off to the island of Sifnos in the Mediterranean in 1995

Then jump a century to Wellfleet MA and the Atlantic in 2011

From March of 2012 Dominica gives us The Caribbean (just around the corner from Secret Bay)

Finally we jump back in time to 2005 and an ocean

of people at The Del Mar County Fair.