10-05-14 The New North Section Of The High Line

The last section of the High Line opened last week and despite it being Sunday I decided to venture up and walk it. It is quite lovely and completes the project. Each part of the High Line has its own personality and style. This one is the most open and, to quote a sign I read, has the least amenities. But it does have some unique features.

For instance, this portion comes with a children’s dungeon!



The designers also left many of the plants that had grown up there while it was closed rather than manicuring the space.





It has great views of the city.


I bet this becomes a new iconic NYC shot.


It also has the best views of the river since much of it runs along 12th Avenue.





And happy soft ice cream vendors await as you return to the street.




They did really well. Do visit when you have time.