3-26-14 How To Make A Monster

Now that I have your attention…Some of you may have noticed that I tried a little experiment yesterday. I did not title my post. I only gave it a date. Statistically speaking, it made absolutely no difference to reader visits that I can see. Of the past 6 Tuesdays, yesterday is number 4. Just missed the bronze medal.  I had not looked at all the lovely stats that WP provides for months. Why I suddenly got curious, I can’t say.  I wish I had exciting information to impart but I don’t.

We were playing around in the studio again the other day. Our model was Cyrus, a young man who is looking to freshen up his book and work on his performance skills. I have not had time to do much yet but here are a few shots from the session.







The last two are to show what you can do in Lightroom with only a very few clicks and slider changes. First, a smoldering, extremely good-looking young man…





I am submitting a few pieces to a juried call for monsters. I think this works. I am going to see if Cyrus will permit me to use it that way. Not a legal issue just common courtesy. So, does this say “monster” to you?


I was happy that several people noticed that I did not have an update on Andra‘s walk to Nashville in support of her book, “To Live Forever An Afterlife Journey Of Meriwether Lewis” She is over 75% of the way through her 444 mile walk!


3-7-13 Travel Theme: Roads Phoneography Edition #No #Snowpocalypse

I really was expecting to have a non phone picture today but time ran away from me and then I realized two birds – one stone!  I thought I would do a second submission for Ailsa’s Road theme and continue with WP phoneopgraphy thing at the same time.

I was walking through Times Square in the rain (although it is snowing 3+ miles uptown here in Morningside Heights) and said Road?






A few other roads to check out.









3-5-13 Don’t Sleep In The Subway Darling-Phoneography Edition

“Will I see you tonight on a downtown train?
Where every night, every night it’s just the same, oh baby
Will I see you tonight on a downtown train?
All of my dreams just fall like rain, all on a downtown train
All on a downtown train, all on a downtown train
All on a downtown train, a downtown train”

Tom Waits


When I decided to use this image I had no idea that WordPress had declared March “phoneography” month.  I love being on the trend.
I took this with my iPhone and processed it with Snapseed which is an app I really like.

11-28-12 Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

This week the weekly photo challenge from WordPress is thankful.

This is not a good image. I cut out the actual subject of the picture because I want to represent what I am thankful for the way I think most of us see this object.

This gentleman (he was, and I assume is still, a gentle man) was Abigail’s Middle School Principal. I am using him to represent all the adults, but especially the teachers and educators, who have taken care of and supported, challenged and comforted, and cared about and dedicated a piece of their life and heart to the well-being  of my daughter.  Parents can’t be there all the time. We need trustworthy surrogates to help escort our children into the world.  If we are lucky, and Katherine and I have been, they are always there working away in the background, not quite in our focus but deeply relied on.

There are others, neighbors and friends, nurses and doctors, the deli guy on the corner, who are important as well but none spend the amount of time with our kids that educators do. I am thankful to all of them.

1-15-12 No Drama Sunday 1 (Stay Tuned For Drama Wednesday 1/18/12)

I was coming back from ICP when I thought that I should shoot Times Square at dusk.  I love looking down 42nd Street to the Hudson Sunset through the neon and the billboards,

Hudson Sunset

I love the visual confusion of the Square itself,

Looking North

and I love all the people who take the family/friends shot up Broadway to the north. There are probably more versions of that shot in more home albums then any other view of NYC including The Empire State Building and the WTC site

The Shot

FYI: Wikipedia users. The English language version of Wikipedia will go dark for 24 hours on Wednesday the 18th to protest two bills before the US Congress SOPA and PIPA. These are two internet “anti-piracy” bills that could go a long way to censoring the internet (at least in the USA – which would give cover to many other countries to also censor the internet.)

WordPress  is also encouraging its bloggers to join the movement. A number of other internet content providers are also going dark or otherwise protesting.

3-4-11 “Off The Base” A different view of life and a view of a different life

The people at WordPress started a Postaday2011 project which I chose to join since I do plan on posting everyday. If you put a tag on the blog – postaday2011 – it feeds into a page they set up where all “postaday2011” are published in order of upload sequence. A second task I have set myself is to read the blogs on either side of me each day.  I have found some blogs of great interest and some that simply do not intersect with my life or interests at all (most fall in the middle, of course), but all of them have been worth reading for the experience of seeing the world through other eyes. I also decided that if a blog showed up twice I would read it the 2nd time but if it happens a third time I will skip it and move one over. If it is a blog that interests me, I will, of course, continue to drop by but it will not be mandatory (ain’t self-imposed rules great!)

Today I had my first repeat, a blog called Off The Base. This blogs statement of purpose includes: “…Off the Base, is a multi-media project designed to build a bridge and give the civilian community a better understanding of military life for service members and their families…Of special interest are military families dealing with multiple deployments to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

My friends who are reading Quotidian Hudson are well aware of my feelings about these wars, especially Iraq.  Within months of 9/11 we had bin Laden in our sites and for whatever reason the politicians chose not to capture or kill him and his cohort but to invade Iraq instead. Iraq was a country lead by a vicious and nasty dictator it is true, but we have not invaded the other 100 + countries run by other vicious and nasty dictators so what was the point?  As nearly as I can see it was to make Iraq safe for Chinese Investment. We shouldn’t be there, wasting American lives and money on a completely unnecessary war. We have more than enough problems at home that we could work on rather than whatever the hell we are accomplishing in Iraq.

These political facts have nothing whatsoever to do with Off The Base except that they make a blog of its type necessary.  The mass of people in the USA have no connection to the military, to these wars, or to the effects these wars are having on our fellow citizens.  Because we are an all volunteer military AND have subcontracted approximately 50% of the war to the private sector, most of us have not felt these wars in any conscious way.  We are so bad off that it seems most Americans can’t work out that a massive quantity of our deficit (that not caused by the Wall Street/political axis) is due to these idiotic adventures that are killing our young people and deeply stressing their families.

In the 60’s I strongly supported the idea of abolishing the draft and was very happy when it was eliminated. That was before the chicken hawks took control of the government.  I am sorry that Dick Cheney and his ilk regret they missed the adventure of getting killed or watching their friends be killed in Vietnam but do they have to work out their regrets on our children?  Did they never visit  The Vietnam Veterans Memorial – aka The Wall. As odd as I find these words coming out of my computer, we need to reinstate the draft (both sexes) with no exemptions allowed.  Just watch how fast the wars would end and how quickly Off The Base could be honorably discharged.

This has been my first blog rant.

Just for the record…Despite the fact it was the most important day of my life up until that moment I had to google my lottery number (I knew it was high but I no longer remembered it). I was number 270.  Makes not winning any subsequent lottery pale in comparison.