4-5-13- Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

You damn right, I’ve got the blues,
From my head down to my shoes
You damn right, I’ve got the blues,
From my head down to my shoes

I can’t win, cause I don’t have a thing to lose

Buddy Guy

This week’s photo challenge is color. I think I will play several times this week but today I went down to South Ferry and walked up through Battery Park as it was the first almost spring like day.

Hudson River

Hudson River

Hudson River

Hudson River

Hudson River

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4-16-12 South Ferry/Battery Park

“One swallow does not make a summer,
neither does one fine day;
similarly one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy.”


It was a beautiful summer day. True it is only April but I don’t know what else you could call a sunny day with temps in the mid/high 80’s. So as the day’s work ended I headed down to South Ferry and Battery Park.

Walk with me. I started at South Ferry (the transit station where you pick up the Staten Island Ferry) and walked Northwest up to the World Financial Center and back.

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1-4-12 It Is A Puzzlement

From The EPA:

“The second phase of the Hudson River dredging project began in spring 2011.  Dredging occurred between June 6 – November 8, 2011.  Approximately 363,000 cubic yards of PCB-contaminated sediment was removed from the river during this time.  Phase 2 dredging will resume in spring 2012.”

Morningside Heights

3 days of not shooting the river and I feel like I am trying to quit smoking. I am actually feeling a physical reaction to not going down to the river everyday.  I see it everyday from a distance but that just isn’t the same thing at all.  Not what I expected or predicted.

1-4-11 Verrazano Narrows Bridge as seen from The New York Waterways Ferry - Hoboken to The World Financial Center

6-17-11 On the Boat (to Ellis Island)

Ellis Island, the song sung so brilliantly by Mary Black in the attached link, has been running through my head pretty constantly over the last few days.

From the corner of my eye I see a tear rolling down
At the time I couldn’t tell whose tear it was
If it was mine I should be glad
That I still function in this cage
But if it’s yours it only makes me more lost
To see a tear rolling down
To see a tear rolling down

This is the last call for Ellis Island
These are the last words I’m ever gonna hear you say
So goodbye, babe
Goodbye, babe.

So since I have been contemplating immigration and emigration, the pure despair and hope that drove so many people to come to the US over the centuries, I thought the Statue and Ellis were pretty appropriate for today.

The image at the top is from May 5th on the Ferry from the World Financial Center to Hoboken. The image below was shot on St Patrick’s Day, March 17th, from the Battery (which is the mouth of the Hudson).