5-9-13 Back Through The Years

I am finally working on the Quotidian Hudson Book Project again. This has caused me to go back through the blog from day 1. I look at the first picture I put up and scratch my head a bit. I know what I was trying to say with it but I can’t remember if I actually thought it was any good or used it because it fit the theme.

1st Blog pic-original

Today, I can say that I do not think it is a good picture. It represents the blog to some extent but it is flat and doesn’t really say anything. If I was able to go back in time and reshoot this I would get a lot closer and reframe it completely. I can’t even get this crop where I would want to be but the concept of the image is closer. (Because it is cropped down so tightly it is blurry and pixel short.)

Hudson - NYCWe live, we learn, we move on…